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The writer and main coder is located in Newton Aycliffe, of County Durham (Land of Prince Bishops and Luddites) which is part of, it seems, a forgotten land in the North East of England....

I first learnt Fortran IV & Boolean Algebra in 1975 while studying for O.N.D science at Durham Technical College but went into Pest Control for many years. Apart from a qualification in Java I ’ m pretty much self taught where I found that Stack Overflow was probably a better friend than Google. A log time user of Slackware all my coding is now in PHP mainly using frameworks on an MVC basis with codeigniter and fatfree We have a Ghana connection since we set up a school there & work with Ghanaian talented designers & coders. For over 18 years I was self employed and therfore have an understanding of single tradesmen & SME’ s, so decided to do webs sites aimed at small businessmen.