Natural & Organic Beauty Products

About Us

The seed was planted many years ago when Gina who is a native Ghanaian dreamed of making her own beauty products at the tender age of 11 and experimented mixing Shea butter which is well known to Ghanaians with other ingredients .

In 1995 Gina became a professional hairdresser in Ghana & had experience helping women with hair & skin problems. In 2005 Gina decided to make her own creams in the UK to help her clients who were suffering from breakages partly due to the weather but also due to the process of " relaxing " a process where hair is treated with mild alkaline to enable it to be straightened.

In 2015 the hobby became a business when our daughter who has curly hair struggled to get products which would suit her hair without tangling. We made a cream , it worked great so Andrina suggested we should make it a business to help other people with curly hair & dry skin.

As this business was suggested by our daughter Andrina we named one of the brands after her; she has a passion for natural beauty and she helped to create some recipes.