We  will support children in care ,hospitals, and people living with disableties to make sure  that Children should  not miss   breakfast which is the most meal of the day, Child Morning Hungry Project (CMHP) and the Young  People Entrepreneurs investment  Program” (YPEIP).

We believe that every child and any one with disableyties  deserve  a basic nutrition and healthy nourishment food to be healthier and happy life

Our Youth Employment Program. We enroll Sales  boys and girls to sell our products ,we supply them with wholesale price they then sell them to retail  then ear decent  income,which they  then can reinvest their income  in another business ideas that they might must  have in mind, well will then support each person with all the help they need to be entrepreneur

We also strongly believe that every small start-up  has the big  potential of maturing into a sustainable business with regular  income  with the right direction, dedication,self believe ,integrate  and good mentor-ship.this is where we have experience to use the Program and  engage with  young people  into this  program which they can then be their own boss.

We want to plant a seed of enterpuranship mindset