Ethically Consumer

What is Ethical Consumer and how to be one

Your power for making a change of how you shop or pay for service,ethical consumer behavior is very simple,know where your product or service come from, try to know the company or your producer polices for workers,social and environment mainly is to do right with your money,.
Sometime you can question your self about a product or service why is it so cheap, also read all the labels print ingredient,not  all cheap product or service are unethical but please is OK  to pay a little bit more for the good.

Being an ethical consumer in today’s world requires you to realize the impact in economic relations between work ,environment,communities and the consumer , but also social and politic to how these system works.

By we paying for services or goods produced by this unethical system we give our consent, by participation in to their bad profit share to only share holders not the people. They made ,we pay them, so why pay for their bad habit to make them rich.

What is Unethical Business Behavior

Watch out for worker’s right,human right,tax avoidance,corporation lobbying. most of the big corporation that produce or provide such unethical service have even more power over our government’s polices to influence it to suit them.
mainly the action that is not be considered morally right to a person or environment. Many business will look at the profit they can make but not the people or their enlivenment.

Some very bad working condition,no worker’s right ,most of everything we can see around us might come from such company who produce cheap and unhealthy products for us which it might includes toxic food,clothing,personal care products or over produce then end up in rubbish lands fills. Buying something for the seek of cheap price whiles you don’t really need them is not ethical,let us buy what we need to reduce waste.

All this products we regularly find them on the shelves of supermarket shops and market’s stores. Some of these company workers can’t even afford to feed themselves and their families.

Ethical Business Behavior

Ethical business must first think about people and environment the leaders of that business must demonstrate ethical practices and maintain their polices to reflect to what they do or who there are .

An ethical business must a have a concern for anyone and anything that can be impacted by their business. Including customers, employees and suppliers. Every decision that they make must always based on social,environment and people.

Ethical business behavior is good for business also it helps to demonstrate the respect for key moral principles of honesty, fairness, equality, diversity and social responsibility