Ethical business benefit’s to communities

The idea by engaging with the local’s getting their involvement can make their life better also they will feel worthy.

support a local school,charity and NGO with financial contributions

sponsor a local event or a child.

organize activate that will help their towns like clean-up, or health and hygiene events

Giving  the youth or women a chance to volunteer your in business  this a good commercial sense to get the locals involved in community-based project that related to your product or service.

It will bring the people to you and it will show how much you care .A ways look for local problems and lead them to turn into opportunities that will mutually benefit you and the community. –

Your business will again publicity of your help that have show the improving within the communities where you operate your business.

Advantages of Community and Employee’s Engagement

Avery good ethical company always include their employees in their decisions making about activities and how they feel. Showing Commitment to your local community can improve your business a lot and again reputation local government and internationally

Employing local people means your staff are benefiting directly from the benefit of the company.