Our main goal is to encourages and empower people to enjoy healthy and aauthentic foods, Our aim is to make cooking less effort so that everyone can enjoy  healthy eating everyday and live fully happy with healthy life style.

For 20 years Ginbrookes has successfully been operating .

Who we  are:  Gb Nutrition foods, Gb Home Food  & Ghana Home Food are  100% solely  owned by Ghanaian & British  family . our founder Mrs Gina  A Acheampong Brookes & Husband Mr AR Brookes.Gina has many years of entrepreneurship and innovative spirit to do new things. innovative spirit for over 20years, cooking has always being part of her and she  once run her own restaurant in kumasi and Accra .

Ever since Gina move to  England she never stop creating food and cooking for others.

She is very creative with food she likes to mix difference recipes and enjoy trying other country foods which she again her inspiration from.that lead her to the food business this is the passion that has drive us to this business If you’re interested in the food and their  health benefits then enjoy our products.

we source our ingredient carefully then  produce, processe and package Nutrition drinks  powders,Seasonings,spices and ready meal  mix food with a very unique blends and flavor  then  distribute to  wholesalers and retailers shops  in Ghana and  United Kingdom,we are for innovative and helping Ghana grow,we also  proud to be part of  ‘Made in Ghana success

We believed that one thing that we all want every day is feeling  fully healthy and happy,but what we eat and drinks helps us to achieve lovely health,body,skin and hair.We enjoy working with our passion to inspired healthy eating and drink

Ginbrookes Nutrition foods is a company, that  provides real nutrition blend dry vegetable and fruits that is good and tastes good as well. Which  makes it easy to corporate into your  life easy .We work hard to maintain the quality of our products , from the highest quality ingredients in our blends.

Ginbrookes we believe that the foods we all eat plays a lot in our body also it directly influences our health and well-being,that is why Ginbrookes we have variety of blends of real fruits and veggies powder to make healthy diets easy on the go whiles still getting nutritional. We pride ourselves on being a company  with integrity that only sources the best quality, ingredients

We also care for our planet,that is why we source all our ingredients from sustainability way,we strongly believed in Ethical, Fair trade we stock, Vegetarian , Vegan , Organic , Gluten  and Dairy Free Food and Non Food. All products are made by us with our own brands labels.

Ginbrookes we aim to maximize availability and affordable quality  healthy food and personal care products in Ghana whiles ensuring good customer service.Helping you to find all your healthy lifestyle or  ethical. healthy. naturally nutritious and flavored food.

Ginbrookes is your one brand for quality,also we stock food spice and cooking  ingredients you can enjoy and trust in your cooking.

If you have the love for food then we have the ingredients to help you!