About Us

Ethical Consumer Fair Buy

Hi everyone I am Andrina Brookes a founder of Ethical Consumer Fair Buy, my mission is to promote ethical business practice in Ghana by approved certification mark logo through our high standard and verification by independent bodies in Ghana

I have design this positive logo for consumer who want be do right thing by using their buying power to make a change, with this logo it makes very easy to identify an ethical service or product that benefit everyone whiles generate profit and satisfying consumers

Certification Scheme Symbol Name’s
  • Safe Eating Choice with high food safety standard
  • Naturally Pure Choice with 100% natural ingredients ,
  • Fair Buy is for the workers,community,social and environment.

This project is to help consumers whom are looking for natural ,pure, healthy ,safe and ethical product or services,we have made it very easily to identify a product or a business whiles shopping around.

whiles I was in Ghana I did notice a lot of unhealthy way of food is been sold and how many business was running unethical way, I couldn’t eat out or buy product easily because I wasn’t sure of the quality and safety of the it. I believe with good campaign and education we can achieved this movements

My primary goal is to be a leading voice for Ghanaian’s to encourage all consumers to make businesses feel more pressured to producer or do business ethically whiles making  long term success and profit Sometimes we might have to pay a little bit more for this but trust me is worth for it.

Our Team

We  employed local women,we also  value them as they are assets us,w cant achieved 100% to  of or service with out  teamwork The team aim is to see our customer satisfaction!

Ethics we believes in fairness, honesty, transparency and integrity


We aim to maximize availability and ethical affordable quality healthy food and personal care products in Ghana whiles ensuring good customer service. We pursue the highest quality standards in our business service and to deliver unique and quality products for our consumers


We will be advocate for all Ghanaian consumers to be able to identify right product or services that practice ethically also consumers are entitle to have access to quality product or services which improved communities. We want Consumers to think when purchasing a products such us beauty,hair,skin,food,cleaning,clothing and many more they should only buy on based on the belief that it is a fair buy,natural, pure and healthier choice but not adding any negative impact to communities and the environment

We want consumers to think about choice natural or artificial and ethical or unethical

Ethical Business Benefit

Consumers in Europe or western world are now becoming more ware of ethically product whiles an increasing number of businesses also adopting to ethical business practice policies to acknowledging the need to minimize any negative associated with their operations,doing business ethically have a lot commercial benefits, including satisfy your consumers, communities and environment.